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Teaching Business English

Teaching Business English


Teaching Business English

English is the international language of business and being able to teach business English will mean you can have your pick of companies the world over.

In a globally connected world, business English is becoming increasingly important as more and more companies need their staff to be multilingual.

Most business people will already be able to speak to an intermediate level. Teaching Business English will give you all you need to sharpen the language skills of any student. Whether it be polishing their pronunciation or perfecting their punctuation, everything is included.

You will find out about learning styles, preparing students for business English exams, communicating in business and much more!

This guide is essential reading for anyone looking to boost their knowledge of this burgeoning industry.

Available as or an Electronic Download.

Ideal for enhancing your skills and improving your employability chances!


Part 1
  1. From General English to Business English
  2. Learning Styles in the Business English Classroom
  3. Intercultural Awareness
  4. The Business Needs Analysis
  5. Preparing Students for Specialised Business English Exams
  6. Top Tips for Teaching Exam Students
  7. Using Authentic Materials in the Classroom
  8. Conversation Skills

Part 2: Lessons
  1. Negotiating
  2. Language for Meetings
  3. On the Telephone
  4. Diplomatic Business Language
  5. Making Decisions
  6. Business Collocations
  7. Emailing
  8. Mergers and Takeovers
  9. Business Phrasal Verbs
  10. Presentations
  11. Low Level Elementary Business Lessons
  12. Travel and Business
  13. Mini Dialogues

Part 3
  1. A Clear Guide to Levels
  2. Business Classes An Outline
  3. Money
  4. Verb Collocations with Money
  5. Business Idioms by Topics
  6. Top Tips for Teaching Business Idioms
  7. Dependent Prepositions
  8. Key Business Vocabulary
  9. Phrasal Verbs