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Lesson Plans Pack - Part 1 and 2

Lesson Plans Pack - Part 1 and 2


Lesson Plans Pack - Part 1 and 2


Get kitted out for your new career with this comprehensive package of 60 ready made lesson plans.

Our Lesson Plans Part 1 and 2 are essential teaching resources to help you prepare for your first time in the classroom.

This pack includes the following, available as either a Hard Copy or an Electronic Download (please select from the drop down box above):

  • Lesson Plans Part 1: A set of 30 engaging and fun lesson plans covering elementary to upper intermediate learners. Topics include spelling and pronunciation, plus advice and tips on how to overcome common student errors.
  • Lesson Plans Part 2: A recently-launched follow up to Part 1, this set of an additional 30 plans moves onto business English, grammar, young learners and using music in the classroom, with some handy worksheets too!
So pay just £50 and you will receive copies of both packs, which is £10 cheaper than buying them separately.

The lesson plans are available as a Hard Copy or an Electronic Download - please select which version you would prefer from the drop down box above.

One of our best selling packs!


Lesson Plans Pack Hard Copies

Lesson Plans - Part One

  1. Shops and Shopping 
  2. Basic verb collocations 
  3. Adverbs of Frequency 
  4. Can used for ability 
  5. Do you like…? Yes and no questions 
  6. Christmas Lesson 

Pre Intermediate
  1. A Reading Lesson 
  2. Adjective Word Order 
  3. Comparatives 
  4. Homophones 
  5. The Family 
  6. Travel and Holidays 
  7. Past Simple Regular Verbs 
  8. Jobs and Occupations 
  9. Personality Adjectives 
  10. Music and Michael Jackson 
  11. I don’t know the word in English but...

  1. Silent Letters 
  2. Similes 
  3. Money 
  4. Dictogloss 
  5. Films and Genres 
  6. Make and Do Collocations 
  7. The First Conditional 
  8. A Grammar Auction 
  9. Stereotypes 
  10. Have you ever…? 

Upper Intermediate
  1. Weather Idioms 
  2. Dependent Prepositions 
  3. Multiple Meaning Phrasal Verbs 

Lesson Plans - Part 2

Part 1: Business Lessons
  1. A Meeting
  2. Presentations
  3. The Job Interview
  4. Business Money Idioms
  5. Trends and Developments
  6. Telephone Phrasal Verbs
  7. The Debate

Part 2: Pronunciation
  1. Fast Native Speech
  2. The Phonetic Alphabet

Part 3: Grammar
  1. Conditionals
  2. Countable and Uncountable Nouns
  3. Linking Words

Part 4
  1. Prefixes
  2. False Friends
  3. Jamie Oliver
  4. The News
  5. News Headlines
  6. Animal Idioms

Part 5: Teaching Young Learners and Teenagers
  1. Kids Cheat Lesson
  2. I am The Music Man
  3. Fast Food/Fast Food Song
  4. Fashion
  5. Harry Potter
  6. The Loch Ness Monster

Part 6: Song File
  1. Waka Waka (This time for Africa)—Shakira
  2. Where Is The Love
  3. Price Tag
  4. We Are Family
  5. Friends Theme Song
  6. British Eccentric 

Part 7: Useful Worksheet
  1. Lesson Plan Template
  2. Recording Vocabulary Sheet